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Volunteer testimonials

Volunteering a portion of our time is important and something we should do. As a volunteer of Altoona Regional Health System, you have the opportunity to help others which gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment. You come to realize that your involvement does make a difference in helping hospital staff provide quality care to patients and their families. Various functions performed by the large number of volunteers include, but are not limited to: greeting and escorting visitors and patients; perform clerical tasks; run errands, and support staff when needed. It is apparent that the Volunteer Services Program is needed to help the medical and hospital staff perform at the highest level in providing quality care, and assist in holding down health care costs.

Volunteer Services is recognized as an importance part of the daily operation of the hospital. The administration, medical staff, and hospital employees make it a point to greet volunteers and thank them for their efforts. This recognition gives you a feeling of accomplishment and indicates that what you are doing is important and needed.
Dick Carothers, Front Desk Greeter

Dick Carothers, Front Desk Greeter

To be able to give of one self in your senior years and know that it does make a difference is truly a gift. Every return smile and "thank you" make for a good day. I have made many friends throughout the hospital and indeed it has enriched my life. My husband and I work as a team with the other volunteers, always putting our customers first! - Bertie Raia

- Bertie Raia
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